National Trust for the Welfare of Persons with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation & Multiple Disabilities


The National Trust carries out various schemes of capacity building, training and care & shelter through its registered organisations. . Some of the major schemes are given below. For further details please contact us or our SNAC/SNAP in your State/area




or Group Home And Rehabilitation Activities Under National Trust Act for Disabled Adults is a new scheme for providing Life Long Shelter & Care to Persons with Disabilities in Group Homes. Scheme ... MoU with PwD .... MoU with NGO

New SchemeSahyogi

Its a new & revamped scheme of Caregivers Training & Deployment. A new training module has been designed and a system of training & deployment of Caregivers has been provided for under the scheme. scheme....... list of selected CGC


Its a Centre Based Scheme (CBS) which was introduced in July 2005 for residential services - both short term (respite care) and long term (prolonged care). Activities in a Samarth Centre should include early intervention, special education or integrated school, open school, pre-vocational and vocation training, employment oriented training, recreation sports etc. The facilities in the home shall be available to both- men and women- on 50-50% basis and shall cover all the four disabilities under the National Trust more     ..........list


This   is   an   early   intervention   programme   for school readiness. The scheme is to work with children of 0-6 years with developmental disabilities, to make them ready for mainstream and special schools . more...scheme    .....handbook for teachers


This is a health insurance scheme for  any  person below the poverty line with the four disabilities under the National Trust. The insurance cover is upto Rs. 1 lakh for a vast range of health services from OPD to cashless hospitalisation. The scheme is for persons with family income upto Rs.15000 pm and on a payment of Rs. 250/- pa per person for higher income group in the entire country (excluding J&K) . For enrolment, contact nearest Organisation Registered with the National Trust

................................... download list of ROs more about scheme

Remote Area Funding

The objective of this  scheme is to stimulate National Trust activities in unrepresented districts. Under the scheme, fund is provided to set up an NGO, including parents association and then to carry out activities for the welfare of persons with National Trust disabilities more

Uddyam Prabha

It is an Interest Subsidy Scheme for self-employment. A PwD who takes a loan from any bank or NHFDC can get interest subsidy of 5% for BPL or 3% for APL on loan amount upto 1 lakh Rs. more

Gyan Prabha

Scholarship Scheme for doing, post schooling, any employment oriented course. Under the Scheme, a monthly scholarship of Rs. 700 shall be paid for upto 1 year. Any PwD who has done any schooling or has not done any schooling at all can also get scholarship more


Association for Rehabilitation Under National Trust Initiative of Marketing has been launched to help PwDs in product designing, production processes, packaging and marketing enabling them to live a life with dignity and independence. .

............................. read more

Awareness Programme

With the help of State Governments, District Collectors, Registered Organisation, LLCs, Information Centers and SNACs, the National Trust organizes sensitization programmes for District Administration, parents, professionals, NGOs and media persons. Programmes are held at District level, Divisional level, State level and also through live satellite video conferencing.

We have planned to organize 660 number of awareness programmes through the SNAC / SNAP during the current year.

Disability Equity Training Programme

Disability Equity Training Prorgamme has been developed for orientation of the members of Local Level Committees (LLC).
In order to carry out this, two tier training plan has been worked out –(i)  training of Trainers at zonal level by dividing the country into 6 zones and then  through these Trainers to  (ii) LLC members  in groups of 10 districts. At the zonal level, training of these Trainers namely Zonal Technical Resource Trainers (ZTRT) has been carried out and now training of LLC members are being carried out with the help of  State Nodal Agency Centres (SNAC).




How To Apply

1. Applications  can   be submitted throughout the year to SNAC or National Trust under

2. For Enrolment under the health insurance scheme Niramaya,  contact any nearest Organisation Registered with the National list

3. Applications from Careseekers/ Caregivers under Sahyogi scheme can be submitted to nearest Care Giver Cell (CGC)

4. Applications from any Regd. Organisation   should   be submitted  on invitation only under

5. Application under GHARAUNDA from Careseekers to avail Life Long Shelter and Care Service on paymnet basis can be submitted to DD(P)

Please  contact.




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Children performing in Disability Equity Workshop, Agartala

Children performing in Disability Equity Training Workshop, Agartala

Disability Equity Training, Manipur

Mr. Kishore Mohan Bhattacharya, our Board Member and a person with multiple disabilities

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